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Privacy Awareness Week 2017

Privacy Awareness Week is being recognized across the country during the week of May 8-12, 2017.  

Shhh-ould "I"  be having that conversation? This is an important question for all staff to ask themselves when discussing client information with others, including:

  • Am I authorized to share the client's information with this other person? Is this person within the client's circle of care or do they require this information for another authorized purpose?
  • For what purpose am I sharing the client's information with this person? Information-sharing must always be purposeful and related to the provision of client care or otherwise, related to another purpose that is authorized.
  • Am I having this conversation in a secure location? Avoid having confidential conversations in coffee rooms, elevators, hallways and other areas where others may overhear.

Personal health information is very sensitive and must always be treated as such. Before disclosing personal health information to others, please keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind! It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!


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