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Waitlist Management

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Waitlist Management

Wait Times

As a client, patient or resident within the health care system, there are times when you may have to wait for a health service. This may include waiting to see a primary care provider, a specialist, or other healthcare provider, to complete a laboratory test, diagnostic procedure or surgical procedure, or to be seen in the Emergency Department.  

Reducing wait times and improving timely access to health services is important to Labrador Grenfell Health.  In keeping with a commitment to reduce wait times, Labrador-Grenfell Health continues to work with the Department of Health and Community Services to collect and monitor wait times for various services.

How are wait times measured?

Wait time is a measurement of how long it takes for clients to access a health service. It can be measured in hours, days, or weeks.  

Which services have wait time monitoring?

Each Regional Health Authority regularly reports wait time data to the Department of Health and Community Services (DOHCS). The information is verified for accuracy by each Regional Health Authority and then submitted for posting on the DOHCS website. The information only contains statistical data and does not include client identifiers.

Why is the wait time long for some areas?

There are many reasons why the wait time can vary from each service. They can include:

  • Demand: Sometimes the demand for the service grows faster than the supply available within Labrador-Grenfell Health.

  • Geography: Geographic challenges limit the ability of Labrador-Grenfell Health to move staff to areas of greatest need/demand or clients to areas with available capacity/supply.

  • No Shows: No shows also affect wait times. When clients do not attend scheduled appointments it results in a missed appointment since no other client can be scheduled into that time slot.

    To help reduce incidences of No Shows, Regional Health Authorities in the province recently implemented an Automated Notification System (ANS) for endoscopy. Clients who are booked for the procedure will receive a reminder telephone call seven days prior to the scheduled appointment. Following an evaluation of the ANS, it is hopeful that the reminder system will be implemented for other services. For further information about the Automated Notification System, click the link.

    Please remember, if you are unable to make your appointment, call that service department before the scheduled time and let us know. This will allow other clients waiting for service an opportunity to receive service. 

Understanding Wait Times

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