As of April 1, 2023, all regional health authorities and the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information are transitioning to a single provincial health authority. This website will continue to be updated during this time.

Patients, clients and residents can continue to access care in the same way they always have. There are no immediate changes to health-care programs, services, facilities or contact information as a result of this step in the transition.

Executive Team



Heather Brown joined the Senior Team at Labrador-Grenfell Health in June 2018. She previously held the role of Vice-President of Rural Health, Long Term Care and Community Health with Central Health. She has approximately 25 years of experience in healthcare across the continuum of care, including community health, rural emergency and acute care services, and long-term and complex care.

Ms. Brown possesses expertise in executive management, evidence-informed decision making, and rural health planning. Ms. Brown holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) from Memorial University. She also received an Executive Training in Research Application Fellowship from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.

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Antionette joined the senior team in Sept 2020, as Vice President of Clinical Services with responsibility for Long Term Care, Acute Care, Mental Health & Addictions as well as Community Supports and Rehab (2020-present).

She previously held the position of Regional Director of Population Health at the authority and brings a broad knowledge base across the continuum of the health care services.

With approximately 26 years’ experience, Antionette holds a Baccalaureate  of Nursing, Masters of Nursing and is a practicing Nurse Practitioner (family of all ages). Additionally, she recently received a Certified Health Executive designation from Canadian College of Health Leaders. Antionette has taught in the Masters of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Stream with Athabasca and the nursing programs at Centre for Nursing Studies. She continues to support Nurse Practitioner learning and student experiences in collaboration with Memorial University and Athabasca University.  

Amanda MacNeil is the Regional Director of Communications for Labrador-Grenfell Health (2018- present).

Donnie Sampson is the Vice President of People and Development as well as the Chief Nursing Officer for Labrador-Grenfell Health (2013-present).


Leading Change: Building on our Vision for Healthy Communities

The four Regional Health Authorities (RHA) – Eastern Health, Central Health, Western Health, and Labrador-Grenfell Health – hosted a two-day conference “Leading Change: Building On Our Vision For Healthy Communities” in Gander, November 2019.

Keynote speaker presentations and overviews of feedback received can be found in this section. Using input collected at the conference, the RHA Board Chairs reconvened to develop a series of recommendations to support stronger Governance and Population in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Below are the conference reports from the two day event. 

Conference Summary

Day 1: Healthcare Governance

Day 2: Population Health