Healthy people living in healthy communities.

Our Values

Collaboration: Each person actively engages others to develop positive partnerships and promote productive teamwork.

Compassion: Each person demonstrates a genuine concern for client and staff well-being.

Innovation: Each person is encouraged to develop and implement new ideas based on research and evidence to address the unique and diverse health needs within the region.

Lifelong learning: Each person is encouraged to continually seek learning opportunities, while sharing knowledge and skills with others.

Respect: Each person protects individual rights and information to preserve the dignity of clients and staff.

Empowerment: Each person encourages and supports individual and community ownership/responsibility of social, physical, emotional and cultural well-being.

Integrity: Each person demonstrates honesty and truthfulness when interacting with each other and providing services.

Accountability, Efficiency and Effectiveness: Each person is responsible for their activities, honours their commitments, is accountable for and takes pride in their work.  Each person seeks efficient and effective ways to provide services, care to clients, their families and communities, in a fiscally responsible manner.