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Changes to Medication Dispensing at the Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet Community Clinics Effective March 2, 2020

Public Notice – February 3, 2020 (English and Inuttitut)

The Standards of Practice as set out by the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board and the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, requires Labrador-Grenfell Health to change the way medications are dispensed at its community clinics along the Labrador coast.

As a result, the community clinics in Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet will no longer be dispensing long-term prescriptions as of March 2, 2020.  This change in dispensing services has previously occurred in Nain and Hopedale.

This change promotes and protects the rights and responsibilities of clients and follows regulatory standards and best practices for the dispensing of medications.

 Clients are responsible to:

  1. Contact the community clinic in your area to review active prescription(s). 
  2. Make an appointment at the clinic one month before prescription(s) need to be renewed. (This information can be found on the label of current prescription medications. Please see sample label below.)
  3. Choose a community pharmacy to transfer any active prescriptions from the clinic.  (Labrador-Grenfell Health can fax new prescriptions to the community pharmacy chosen by clients, if required.)
  4. Discuss medication pick-up/delivery and arrange payment with the community pharmacy.  (Only medications filled at pharmacies in Happy Valley-Goose Bay may be picked up at the community clinic in your area.)

Labrador-Grenfell Health will continue to have a small supply of medications in case they are required by clients on short notice. The clinic will continue to provide acute-care medications.

Nursing staff at the clinics will be available to answer questions and provide support during this change. For more information, please contact the clinic in your area:  Makkovik Community Clinic at (709) 923-2229, Postville Community Clinic at (709) 479-9851 or Rigolet Community Clinic at (709) 947-3386.



Pimmagiujut Maligatsat sakKititaumajut Niufulâmi Labradorimilu Ejaligijet kamajinginnit  katitjuKatigengita Nalunaittaumajuit Paitsijingita Niufulâmi Labradorimilu, pikKujijut  Labrador-Grenfell Ânniasiupvingata kamajinginnik tautseKujitlutik Kanuk ejanik pitâttisiKattamangâta nunalinni ânniasiupvinginni Labradorimi satjugiangani.

Taimaimmat, nunalet KipukKami, Makkovimmi, Rigoletimilu Ânniasiupvinginni ejattâtitsiKattaniagunnaitut akuni ejattomaKattatunut atuliaKillugu Mertz 2-mi, 2020-mi. Tamanna tautsijaunninga ejattâtitsinik atuliaKittitaulaummijuk Nainimi Hopedalimilu.

 Tamanna tautsijauninga piusiumititsijuk saputjilunilu pivitsanik pigatsanginnilu ânniasiuttauKattatunut malitlunilu pikKujaugusinnik piunitsanillu malitsiatuk ejattâgusiuKattanimmik.

ÂnniasiuttauKattatut kamagialet makuninga:

  1. Fonnigialet ânniasiupvinganik Kimiggugiamut ejattâKattanimminik.
  2. Kanga ânniasiupviliagianga Kaujisagialik ânniasiupvimit atautsimik takKimik ejattâgiaKakKâgani nutângutigiallalugulu. (Tamanna Kaujisautinga takujaugunnatuk allataumajumi ejaKautimmi. Takullugu Kaujisautiugajattuk imailingatillugu.)
  3. Kaujititsigialik nallianit nunalinnit ejattâgumagajamangât asianik ânniasiupvimit. (Labrador-Grenfell Ânniasiupvinga tuavittukut Kaujititsigunnatut ejattâgutitsanik ejattâviugunnatumut ânniasiutijaugialet pitâvigigumajanganit, pitâgiaKappat.)

  4. Kaujititsigialik Kanuk ejatsait aijaugajanninginnik/tunijaugajaninginnik Kanullu akilegunnamangât ejattâviusomut. (kisimi ejattâgatsait atuinnagujaumajut ejattâvimmit Happy Valley-Goose Bay-mi aijaugunnatut ânniasiupvingani.)

Labrador-Grenfell Ânniasiupvinga pitaKainnaniatogaluak ikittunik ejatsanik pitâjuKagumagajappat tuavittumik. Ânniasiupvik tapvainak kamagijaugialinnik kamaKattaginnaniatuk.

Paitsijet Nunalet Ânniasiupvinga ikajugunnatut KaujigiallatuKagumagajappat kiujaugunnalutik ikajuttaulutillu tamanna tautsijauningani. Kaujigiallagumajut fonnigunnatut nunamini: Makkovimmi (709)923-2229, KipukKami (709)479-9851, Rigoletimillonet (709)947-3386.

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