The Mani Ashini Community Clinic provides Primary Health Care to the residents of the communities of Sheshashit and North West River. It has clinical exam rooms, a patient waiting area, an emergency room, basic equipment, and stocks a supply of essential medications. The care is provided by Registered Nurses who have an expanded scope of practice and consult with a physician at the closest referral centre as required. The clinic offers some point of care testing ( i.e. pregnancy tests, blood glucose monitoring) and has staff who are trained to conduct basic laboratory tests on patients and send the specimens out for testing at a central laboratory. The community receives regular physician visits to augment the care provided by the staff in the facility and has video conferencing equipment that can be utilized to consult with physicians at a tertiary site for follow up or emergency care.

The clinic is open during regular working hours for walk in appointments and ambulance services are available for emergencies.

The clinic is staffed by three Regional Nurses \ Nurse Practitioners, personal care attendant, a domestic worker and a clerk.

Contact Us

Sheshatshiu, NL
A0P 1M0

Phone: 709-497-8202

Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
(closed Friday afternoons for administration; emergency services available).