Located in Forteau, NL, the Labrador South Health Centre provides Primary Health Care to the residents of Red Bay to Lance au Clair. It has holding beds, clinical exam rooms, a patient waiting area, an emergency room, basic equipment, and stocks a supply of essential medications.  Care is provided by Registered Nurses (who have an expanded scope of practice) and two physicians. The facility has trained laboratory staff who are able to conduct basic blood work on site; all other required diagnostic tests are sent to a central lab for processing. The health centre also has trained staff for conducting X-rays. These images are sent as computerized images to be read by an attending radiologist at another facility.

Videoconferencing is used to consult with specialists for emergent care and follow-ups.

Area residents can access a variety of services through this health centre including:

  • Emergency Services
  • Ambulatory Care/Family Medicine
  • Dental Services
  • Community Mental Health Nursing Services
  • Child Youth and Family Services (includes childcare, both centre based and family child care, adoptions, youth corrections, child intervention services, family and rehabilitation services)
  • Diagnostic Services (limited laboratory and x-ray)

Residents can also access regional services via referral from a member of the local team.

The facility employs Regional Nurses\Nurse Practitioners, physicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, clerks, domestic, diagnostic staff, Mental Health and Addiction staff, Public Health\Community Health Nurses, social workers, Personal Care Attendants, cooks and maintenance staff.

The Labrador South Health Centre has an attached Long-Term Care unit that provides care to patients who require level three and level four care, due to age or illness as well as a palliative care bed and respite bed for clients in need.


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Forteau, NL
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Phone: 709-931-2450