Research Review Application Process

The Labrador-Grenfell Health Research Review Committee examines applications for research that require the use of its facilities, staff time, health records or other data, and/or services and programs that effect its operations. Committee meetings are held at the call of the Chairperson and aim to expedite the review of applications as quickly as possible.

  • All research studies must first have ethical approval from the Health Research Ethics Board (see ).
  • Health research concerning or involving any of the Aboriginal (Innu, Inuit and Métis) populations or communities in Labrador must also be approved by their respective administrative authorities (see ‘Guidelines for conducting research with Aboriginal communities in Newfoundland & Labrador’ at ).
  • Research applications submitted to Labrador-Grenfell Health will not be considered until these approvals are given.

The Chairperson will correspond with researchers on matters such as information required for the application, date of review by the Committee, questions or advice about research methods and contact with Labrador-Grenfell staff, and the decision on approval made by the Research Review Committee.

Health research, as defined in the Canadian Institute of Health Research Act, includes studies focusing on bio-medical, clinical, health systems, health services, population health, societal and cultural dimensions of health, and environmental influences on health.

Research involving human subjects is further defined in legislation of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Bill 23, An Act To Establish A Health Research Ethics Authority) as including activities whose primary goal is to generate knowledge in relation to human health, health care and health systems, and involving human beings as research subjects, health care information respecting human beings and human biological material.

Application guidelines:

  • Applications should be clear and concise, and must not exceed 15 pages in length. Appendices, if necessary, must not exceed 10 pages.
  • Applications exceeding these page limits will be returned for revision.
  • Please respond to all questions, as appropriate; incomplete applications will be returned for revision.
  • DO NOT SEND copies of applications provided to other institutions, detailed research methodologies, or extensive bibliographies.

Contact for further information, and send your completed application form to:

Nadine Calloway, BSW., RSW., MHS., CIAPP-C
Regional Privacy Officer
Labrador-Grenfell Health
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