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Labrador-Grenfell Health Earns Four-Year Certification from IQMH

Labrador-Grenfell Health is pleased to advise the public that Laboratory Services has acquired a four-year certification from the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare.

The laboratories, located at healthcare facilities in Roddickton, Labrador City, Forteau, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Flower’s Cove and St. Anthony, were assessed in November, 2015, and were accredited in June, 2015.  Accreditation is a peer review process which ensures that laboratories meet explicit quality management criteria, standardize their process and meet national benchmarks. Labrador-Grenfell Health’s laboratories were visited and assessed by IQMH representatives and meet the requirements of ISO 15189.

The IQMH accreditation is a mark of excellence recognized around the world. It represents formal recognition of a healthcare facility’s capability to perform medical testing or the collection of specimens to the ISO 15189 PlusTM requirements. It also provides facilities with the tools they need to standardize their processes, address diminishing resources and set a quality benchmark.

IQMH is internationally recognized as a competent provider of ISO 15189 accreditations. The IQMH ISO 15189 PlusTM accreditation requirements are based on ISO 15189:2012 and are augmented with international standards for safety and point-of-care testing, national standards for blood safety, government regulation and generally accepted principles of good practice.

The certifications earned by Labrador-Grenfell Health laboratories can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Laboratory Medicine

Labrador-Grenfell Health’s Laboratory Medicine Program is staffed by highly trained, dedicated professionals who collect samples and perform specialized tests that help diagnose and treat disease.

We conduct tests on blood, body fluid and/or tissue samples using complex instruments and electronic equipment, and work as an essential part of your health care team.

A variety of tests are performed in the areas of the medical laboratory. Some common procedures include the following:

  • Blood glucose (blood sugar) to diagnose and monitor diabetes;
  • Throat swab to detect strep throat;
  • Hemoglobin test to detect anemia;
  • Cross-matching for blood transfusions;
  • Biopsy of a breast lump;
  • Pap test to detect cervical cancer; and
  • Amniocentesis and other forms of pre-natal testing.
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