To find a mental health and addiction service:

  • Call or email the Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Systems Navigator at 1-877-999-7589 or 752-3916; VRS calls are welcome; email

Our Navigator is a central point of contact for individuals, family members and stakeholders throughout the province to:

  • Problem solve with you to figure out next steps
  • Consider options and find the right mental health or addiction service
  • Get help in making connections

Referral Forms:

Hope Program/Eating Disorder Referral Form:

Ch-0016 Mental Health and Addictions Services Referral Form (PDF, 2013)

Hope Valley Youth Treatment Centre Referral Forms (youth, addiction):

Referral Form (PDF, 2014)

Humberwood Referral Form:

Referral Form (PDF, 2017)

The Grace Centre Referral Forms:

Referral Application Form (PDF, 2016)

Medical Assessment Form (PDF, 2016)


Tuckamore Referral Forms:

Referral Form  (PDF, 2014)

Medical Assessment Form (PDF, 2014)