Falls Prevention

Some medicines, weakness and being in a new place can increase your risk of falling. Our Falls Prevention program helps reduce your risk of falling while in hospital. Your risk of falling will be discussed with you on admission to hospital. This allows us to ensure you are safe and protected while in our care.

Here is what you and your family can do to help prevent falls while in the hospital:

  • Identify if you or a loved one is at risk for falls. Tell your nurse/clerk about any recent falls or safety concerns.
  • Use the nurse call bell when you need help, including getting up and using the bathroom.
  • Place the nurse call bell and personal items where you can easily reach them.
  • Bring shoes or slippers from home that have good gripping bottoms and put them on whenever you get out of bed.
  • Take your time getting out of bed or up from a chair. Sit at the edge of your bed for a few seconds before you stand up.
  • If you need help standing or walking, ask for someone to help you. If you use a walker or cane at home, bring it with you. Make sure that you put your name on it. Do not try to use a bedside table or IV pole to support you as these are not safe.
  • Bring your eyeglasses and hearing aid from home and always wear them when you are awake.
  • If you are identified as high risk for falls, the staff will place a green armband on your arm and a Step Safe logo in your room so staff will be aware that you require assistance.