The mandate of the Population Health, Ambulatory Care and Emergency Services Department is to support Labrador-Grenfell Health’s vision for “healthy people living in healthy communities”. To achieve this, the Population Health Management department is structurally aligned to streamline programs and services under the eight core specialty areas of public health; home and community care; health promotion and wellness; health protection; chronic disease; primary health care; environmental health; cervical screening; oncology; professional practice oversight for paramedicine, fire and emergency planning and response as well as business continuity planning. Each of these core specialty areas has a manager who is responsible for quality service delivery across the region and across the continuum of care.

The Population Health team consists of a variety of health care professions providing a wide scope of practice including public health nursing, home and community care nursing, diabetes nurse education, communicable disease control, health promotion, nutrition, parent child health, school health, oncology, primary health care, environmental health, fire marshall, cervical screening, cancer screening coordinator, chronic pain nurse, paramedicine, pediatric rehab nurse coordinator and nurse practitioners. Each of these disciplines strives to provide safe, competent and holistic care to communities throughout the Labrador-Grenfell Health region.

The philosophy of the Population Health department is built on an integrated population health and health promotion model of “achieving health for all”. This requires a comprehensive view of the many factors and determinants affecting health and commits to several key population health challenges: reducing inequalities in health, increasing the prevention of disease, and enhancing the capacity to cope with disease and disability. This framework recognizes the key role that health care professionals play in preventing disease and promoting health. At the same time, the framework recognizes the need for public involvement with health care professionals in order to improve the health and well-being of the residents of Labrador-Grenfell Health.