Laboratory Services is committed to providing quality services through the following objectives:

  • Providing employees with appropriate learning tools and resources.
  • Supporting the vision, mission and values of Labrador-Grenfell Health.
  • Striving for professionalism and quality improvement.
  • Providing consultative services in laboratory science.
  • Supporting the training of laboratory technologists, technicians and associated health care professionals.
  • Ensuring the proper handling, processing and reporting of client results.
  • Implementing processes that meet clinical standards and provide meaningful reports to clients.
  • Encouraging staff to take part in educational opportunities and research projects.
  • Achieving quality system objectives.
  • Monitoring equipment and work environments to ensure the safety of clients and employees.

Dr. Kweku Dankwa
Regional Clinical Director of Laboratories and Associate VP Medical Services

Wendy Christenssen

Regional Director of Diagnostic Services