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A diagnosis of cancer can be very stressful and overwhelming. Most people find that learning about cancer and its treatment, as well as understanding the role of the different health-care providers in cancer care, can help ease anxiety and distress.

This page contains important information about the many services and supports available to you and your family. You may scroll through each section, or choose from topics to the right.

 We hope that the information provided will address many of your concerns. As well, your health-care providers will be pleased to answer any questions you may have throughout your illness and treatment.

Cancer Patient Navigator


Who We Are

Patient navigation is a process by which a person with a suspicious finding or known cancer is guided through and around the cancer care system.  Being told you have cancer often brings with it more questions than answers, fear of what is to come and stress for all those involved. 

Throughout Labrador Grenfell Health, specially trained Oncology (cancer) Registered Nurses act as compassionate and effective guides.  The patient navigator offers practical help to bridge the gap and assist patients, families and caregivers understand and work through the series of treatments, services and challenges encountered on their cancer journey.

Cancer patient navigators are highly resourceful.  They can help problem solve, assist with counseling and coordinate support care services through referrals.  Navigators are Registered Nurses trained to anticipate, address and overcome barriers to care and help with timely access to services.

The intent of this program is to help patients and their family access services.   The use of patient navigation services will enable patients and their families to play a more active role in their care, creating a better experience and easing transitions through the various stages of the cancer journey.  This will enhance wellbeing and quality of life for those touched by cancer.

The Cancer Patient Navigators also run the Cancer Clinic’s at their respective sites, in conjunction with H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre and local Physicians. They offer most chemotherapies and treatments for your cancer care enabling you to remain close to home, family and friends. At the discretion of your Oncologist, many appointments can be done by videoconference along with your Oncology Nurse/Cancer Patient Navigator acting as your guide and support.

There are three cancer patient navigators/Oncology Nurses throughout the region at Labrador-Grenfell health.



You, Your family doctor, cancer specialist, or any other health professional can refer you to the Cancer Patient Navigator Program at 1-855-848-3888.


Goose Bay (including Mud Lake, Sheshatshiu, North West River, North Coast, Cartwright & Black Tickle) 709-897-3115  

Labrador City (including Churchill Falls) 709-285-8332

St. Anthony (from Bartletts Harbour, including South Coast of Labrador up to Norman’s Bay.) 709-454-3999


Dr. H Bliss Murphy Centre, St. John’s

The Dr. H Bliss Murphy Centre is located in St. John’s and is attached to the northwest corner of the Health Sciences Centre. It is the only facility in the province that provides radiation treatment. It is an outpatient facility which is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except holidays). The reception desk is located on the main floor just as you enter the Cancer Centre.

Contact information:
Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre
300 Prince Phillip Drive
St. John’s, NL   A1B 3V6
Telephone: (709)777-6480 

Bell of Hope

Program Overview

“Let Hope Ring” is a provincial partnership initiative of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation and Newfoundland Power’s The Power of Life Project. The ringing of the Bell of Hope provides cancer patients and their families with the opportunity to ring a bell in celebration of hope – having a good day, feeling hopeful about the future, having a great follow-up appointment, finishing a round of treatment or feeling hopeful about the future. 

The goal of the program is to celebrate small and big hopeful milestones during a cancer journey.

Many cancer centres across Canada have Bells installed for patients and families to use in celebration – the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation’s Let Hope Ring program is designed to be more inclusive of all cancer patients and not tied to one specific treatment area or milestone; a recommendation gathered after consultation with front line staff.

 The Bell of Hope is located at all three sites within Labrador Grenfell Health: Curtis Memorial Hospital, Labrador West Hospital and Labrador Health Center. Working  with cancer patients daily,  the oncology nurses: Bonnie Decker, Linda MacMillian and Angie Lawrence strive to ensure the patients’ cancer journey is a positive experience. The Bell of Hope represents Hope during this time.



Advance Care Directives


An Advance Health Care Directive is a written statement of your health care wishes and/or who you name as your substitute decision-maker. This statement is only used if you are ill or injured or cannot share your health care wishes. A directive provides clarity about your health care wishes and assists in preventing conflicts over deciding what treatments you should receive. You appoint a Substitute Decision Maker who will act on your behalf in the event you are not able to make your own health care decisions.

A power of attorney is a written document that names the person you wish to act for you in relation to financial matters. An enduring power of attorney is required if you become mentally incapacitated. We recommend you to see a lawyer and discuss your wishes regarding your financial matters.

The Oncology Nurses of Labrador-Grenfell Health can assist in filling out your directive. Just call the above number’s to speak with your local Oncology Registered Nurse.

Click here for more information on Advance Care Planning.

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More resources are available by contacting your area’s Cancer Patient Navigator (Please see contact information above).